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Ray's Pro Pet Care aims to minimize your pet's stress and trauma and give you peace of mind, knowing your pets and property are safe and secure while you are away.

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Services & Rates...

The services offered are designed specifically to make your life easier and reduce or eliminate your concerns while away from home.  Ray’s Pro Pet Care is fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and safety.

Prior to an agreement for services, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will provide a clear understanding of your specific needs.  


There is a fee for the consultation meeting of $40.00, which will be credited on your first booking. My basic rate is $40.00 per visit and $80.00 for an overnight stay. This rate can and will be adjusted based upon the number of pets, travel time/distance and special needs requirements.  Rates given over the phone or via the internet are only an estimate until I have a chance to visit the home and evaluate the home and pet-care needs.  For instance, puppies, kittens and administering medication generally require extra care. I accept only cash, check, PayPal/Venmo/Zelle or any other online payment services as forms of payment for my services.

Here's what I offer:

Pet Sitting Services
The care of your pet is so vitally important while you are away.  My services minimize any concerns and maximize the care and safety of your pets. The care of pets is sometimes the most agonizing decision for people who are away.  Kennels are expensive, provide cramped quarters, and sometimes may pose health risks to your pet.  Sometimes you don't have the flexibility to deliver or pick up your pet at a convenient time and due to work or busy life schedules you just need an extra hand to assure your pet's schedules are maintained.   

Services include a number of activities:
-  Feeding your pet to maintain your consistent schedule 
-  Walking, exercising, playing 
-  Administering medications 
-  Pet visitation 
-  Special care as required 
-  Keeping your pet at home with a human companion can really make a difference.  

There are a number of details to work out to ensure that everything is covered while you are away.  A service questionnaire will be completed that will help Ray’s Pro Pet Care agree on the exact services and schedules you require.

A questionnaire will be emailed to you for your completion.

Pet Walking and Visiting Services
Schedules can be hectic these days and pet owners sometimes just need an extra hand to exercise or care for their pets to assure they receive their daily dose of physical activity, outdoor time, or some TLC.  Ray’s Pro Pet Care offers the exact same services as the pet sitting services above!

House Sitting Services 
Why let your home look abandoned while you are away, letting plants and yard suffer, mail accumulate in the mailbox and papers stack up on the driveway?  It makes sense in these times to assure that lived-in look.      

Services include a number of home care conveniences: 
-  Mail and paper retrieval 
-  Putting out the trash on trash day 
-  Watering indoor plants 
-  Running errands 
-  Coordinating with domestic services such as gardeners, housekeepers, etc.

While you are away, you want to be confident that your home has that "lived-in" look to ward off potential predators.  Ray’s Pro Pet Care will bring in your paper and your mail, adjust lighting as necessary, keep your plants thriving, and offer the options of daily visits to the property or staying on site during your absence.

There are a number of details to work out to ensure everything is covered while you are away.  A service questionnaire will be completed that will determine the exact services you desire.

A questionnaire will be emailed to you for your completion.

Concierge Services 
Need the cleaning picked up?  Errands run?  P. O. Box emptied?  There's almost no end to the types of arrangements and assistance Ray’s Pro Pet Care can offer.  There are always details to cover while you are home or away.  Let us help so you can concentrate on your priorities and not on the little details.  How about.... 

-  Restock your pantry?  Ray’s Pro Pet Care can do the shopping. 
-  Drop off or pick up the cleaning? 
-  Errands you have been meaning to run but never accomplished? 
-  Transportation to medical appointments?  
-  Need show tickets picked up? 
-  Pick up the mail at the P.O. Box? 
-  Take a package to the Post Office? 
-  Return those darned Jell-O molds to your friend across town? 
-  What errands do you run every week?  Which one's are a bother to you? 

There is no end to the little details that add time and inconvenience to your life every day of the week.  Let Ray’s Pro Pet Care help run those errands for you to take a load off your mind.

A questionnaire will be emailed to you for your completion.

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