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Ray's Pro Pet Care aims to minimize your pet's stress and trauma and give you peace of mind, knowing your pets and property are safe and secure while you are away.

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Seattle Dog Spot
To give a voice to local dog enthusiasts, a proud Seattle dog parent started a blog called Seattle DogSpot. He soon realized that the local dog-enthusiast community wanted more --> More listings for dog-related services and dog-friendly businesses. More product reviews. More resources, tips and advice for raising a dog in the city. So Seattle DogSpot grew like a playful puppy into what it is today: the most comprehensive information resource and online community for dog enthusiasts in the Greater Seattle area.  http://www.seattledogspot.com/  

Cat's Exclusive Veterinary Center 
One of the first cats-only practices in the United States, the Cats Exclusive vision soon expanded to create a single location that would meet ALL the needs of cats and their people.  www.catsexclusive.com

Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic

Meow Cat Rescue

Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners

Americans spend more than $50 billion per year on pets. In the midst of all that care and cost, many pet owners don’t think to look to the risks that exist for their pets in their own home. If you love your pet enough to invest in their care in so many other quarters, read this guide to make sure your home isn't an accident waiting to happen.

A Review of Pet Safety at Home and Out of Town
The below guide is intended for individuals and families interested in becoming a pet owner, either through adoption or from a breeder. It includes chapters on cost of owning a pet, from typical everyday cost to emergency medical care.

You can review our full guide here:


Here are a few sections within the full guide that readers have said to be particularly useful:




Driving With Dogs 101:  How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy in the Car
Despite the number of car commercials starring an obedient, window-gazing pup, driving with dogs is a serious source of anxiety for many pet owners. Dogs are naturally enthusiastic, active, and curious: traits that are likely to intensify when transferred to a moving, bumpy vehicle. Ideally, driving with your dog provides an opportunity to bond and explore - or to simply accomplish chores without leaving a squirrelly pup home alone. Whatever your reasons, the following ideas prioritize the safety of both you and your dog as you travel to your next destination.  Read More >

​A Guide To Travelling With Pets Internationally

Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Pets